March 12, 2020

Project CovidZero: Our Mission to Zero Out COVID-19

Dear Zero Card Members, Employers, Providers and Partners,

It’s our mission at Zero Card to shift the healthcare industry to the favor of the recipients of health services.  Our belief in a member-first economy does not just focus on normal healthcare needs. It expands in times of need such as our current reality of Covid-19 and the worries it has created on our members, our communities and all of us as humans.  

Zero card has chosen to expand its service beyond to not just the members but also the communities in which Zero Card serves, irregardless of Zero Card members or not. 

 We are taking the unprecedented step to make our Personal Health Assistants (the core of our beloved healthcare program) available to not only its members, but anyone who needs or wants to gain information and knowledge to feel better, sleep better at night, understand the challenges, help the loved ones of families and anyone who feels the need to connect with our PHA’s and get the comfort, the knowledge and the insights needed to fight this evil virus. 

With better information, we all win.  When we all win, we will ZERO OUT COVID-19.  That’s Project CovidZero. We’re standing by.  

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As always, we’ll keep you updated on our Zero Card COVID-19 page.

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With Love,
Team Zero

Together, we will Zero Out COVID-19

Please find below a handy guide to use with employees, families and friends in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus.

As we get more questions from our community, we will answer them on this page.