March 12, 2020

Project CovidZero: Our Mission to Zero Out COVID-19


Dear Zero Card Members, Employers, Providers and Partners,

It’s our mission at Zero Card to accelerate the shift to a member-first healthcare economy. Our belief in a member-first economy does not just focus on everyday  healthcare needs it expands in times of need. The current reality of COVID-19 has created uncertainty and worry for our members, our communities and for all of us as humans.  

Zero Card has chosen to expand our service beyond our members to all of the communities we serve. We are taking the unprecedented step to make our Personal Health Assistants (the core of our beloved healthcare platform) available to not only our members, but to any self-funded employer who needs our support. For 90 days any self-funded employer in the markets we serve can have access to our Personal Health Assistants and our COVID-19 Support Line for free. You can email us at help@thezerocard to get started.

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