Beyond Our Borders

We appreciate each one of our clients who allow us the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of your employees and their families.

For Christmas 2018, to extend our appreciation and impact the lives of others not so fortunate, The Zero Card partnered with Watsi, a non-profit, global crowdfunding platform to fund healthcare for patients in the developing world who cannot afford care.

We made donations, in the names of our clients, to two little girls overseas who were unable to pay for the surgery they desperately needed.

Aye Chan broke her arm and was unable to attend school or do anything on her own. Nancy was diagnosed with a brain tumor which caused her to be unable to walk without assistance from others.

Both surgeries were fully funded, and the girls are on their way to recovery. They are very eager to return to school and normal daily life.

We are glad to have helped Watsi make a significant difference in these two lives.

“To all those who have helped me thank you so much.” – Aye Chan

“I am eager to get back to school. Thank you for helping me.” – Nancy

Client’s reaction to donations made in their name:

This is so special! A great humanitarian effort on the part of Zero Card. Hats off to your team. I really appreciate the update on Aye’s status. – Tony James, ARC

We appreciate being included in this great cause! – Heather Quebbeman, UniCarriers

That’s so precious! Thanks for sharing. – Sharri Downing, F&CS

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! – Candia Fields, Pennwell

Aye Chan’s Story:

Aye Chan is a five-year-old girl from Thailand. In October, she slipped and fell, breaking her right forearm. She cannot sleep at night and is on painkillers to manage the pain.

Aye Chan will undergo surgery to reset her fractured bones and ensure proper healing. The treatment will help her use her left hand again. She will be able to go to school, allowing her mother, who is currently caring for her, to return to work.

Her mother says, “I’m looking forward to seeing her recover…I would like to thank your organization for helping my daughter. I will never forget what you have done for my daughter. When she recovers, I will continue to send her to school no matter how difficult it is.”

Nancy’s story:

Three months ago, Nancy began complaining of persistent headaches and weakness in her left limbs. At school, her teachers noticed a decline in her performance. Her vision became blurry, and her left ear developed ache. She could no longer walk without support and even lost her appetite.

Her young mother was anxious and took her to a referral hospital where Nancy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. If not treated, Nancy is at risk of paralysis, persistent headaches or even brain damage.

Fortunately, her craniotomy is already scheduled to treat to the tumor, but her family needs help raising $1,500 to fund this procedure. “I really look forward to seeing my daughter functioning well once more,” says Nancy’s mother.

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