April 17, 2018


Schedule It. Bundle It. Save On It! – with Stan Schwartz, M.D.

“There is a fast-growing movement toward bundled, all-in one-price medical services that save money, provides less complexity for members, and may make networks (as we know them today) obsolete.”   Check out the “Shape Shifters” podcast featuring Stan Schwartz, M.D., the Chief Medical Officer of The Zero Card! What You’ll

Got a job? Got health insurance? You still aren’t safe from financial hardship due to illness

Too often, employers assume that employees with health insurance are protected against the financial ravages of illness. Add to that a decent salary and owning a home, and most will conclude that such an employee is well-positioned to handle unexpected illness. These notions are incorrect, as we’ve learned from Margo

If You Can Schedule It, You Can Bundle It

Austin Frakt reviewed bundled care recently in the New York Times. He concluded that the federal projects under Medicare are showing promise. Medicare continues with more long-term demonstration projects to demonstrate the value of bundled care.   Most care in our country is provided on a fee-for-service, item-by-item basis. When

Alternate Universes and Healthcare Prices

Theoretical physics, sci-fi and even comic books predict the existence of alternate universes. Beings in alternate universes exist in the same place as the same time but are oblivious to one another.   While space enthusiasts dream of life in another universe, and Bezos and Musk spend their fortunes on

I don’t know where to start with value-based purchasing!

The title of this piece is a common refrain from self-funded employers who don’t know where to start or fear to step out of the conventional box. Our entrenched employer-based health care depends on FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) for its survival Value-based purchasing sounds like the promised land of