April 17, 2018


Yes, You Can Shop for Healthcare

Austin Frakt of the Partnered Evidence-Based Policy Resource Center at the VA Boston Healthcare System published a great article about why shopping for healthcare just doesn’t work.  It’s a must-read for anyone involved in healthcare economics or purchasing and a great read if you ever see a doctor. Healthcare is

The Zero Card Endorsed By The Health Value Institute and The Validation Institute

  The Zero Card Endorsed By The Health Value Institute and The Validation Institute Emerging Digital Health leader achieves highest industry accreditation from leading healthcare analyst and assessment firm Tulsa – July 25, 2018 – The Zero Card (https://www.thezerocard.com), a healthcare marketplace delivering the best combination of cost, quality and

5 Question with Dave Chase

About Dave: Creator HealthRosetta. Author, CEOs Guide to Restoring the American  Dream. EP, The Big Heist. Natural habitat: Mountains 1) tell us what you do? I help organize a movement that is restoring the American Dream by having healthcare realize its full potential. This means I work with the people

Are you wasting money on light bulbs (and other things you buy)?

So you run a small company. You are known for your financial savvy: how to watch expenses, get great bargains on supplies, be a good steward of resources. And of course you expect everyone who works for you to be as good a steward as you are. You even switched

3 Easy Ways To Lower Your Costs and Improve Your Benefits (Part 2)

In Part 1 we learned that one of the easiest things that self-funded employers can do to lower their costs and improve their benefits is to take an active role in managing advanced imaging. We looked at a midwestern school district that was burning $1M a year on imaging alone.