April 3, 2020

Project CovidZero: Our Mission to Zero Out COVID-19 for Employees

Project CovidZero for Zero Card Employees & Members

While we hope you don’t need to get a test ordered by your doctor for the Covid-19 Coronavirus, we wanted to let you know that Zero Card members are fully covered in the event that you do.

Anyone and everyone covered by The Zero Card has benefits for $0 testing done through Quest Diagnostics, our national partner with thousands of locations.

The current recommendations are that you check with your personal primary care provider, local clinics or public health facilities if you think you may have been exposed to or may have contracted COVID-19 (coronavirus). The physicians or staff at your physician’s office will determine if testing is needed. Anyone concerned should always call ahead as not all facilities are ready to obtain specimens.

Note: The person taking the specimen will painlessly swab the back of your throat or nose with a collector similar to a Q-tip on a thin plastic handle.

Quest locations will process specimens, but they can’t actually take the specimen from you at the lab. Specimens should be collected by your physician’s office. Public health facilities may direct specimens to state or local governmental labs and those may cost you $ as we don’t have agreements with the state and government labs.

If testing is ordered by your physician, show your Zero Card with the Quest Diagnostics and/or Lab Card logo and/or your separate Lab Card and verbally request to use the Lab Card Program. Once the specimens are collected, the physician’s office will need to mark ‘Lab Card’ on the paperwork and call 1-800-646-7788 to request a Lab Card pick up.

If you need anything, get confused or you are just worried, you can always connect directly with one of Zero Card’s Personal Health Assistant at 855-816-0001 or visit my.thezerocard.com.  We’re here to help!  


The Zero Card Team


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