FAQ: Employers

The Zero Card is a transparent medical platform designed to make it easy for your employees to find fairly priced providers while simultaneously providing substantial savings to your health plan.

Whenever a Zero Card member’s doctor recommends they get a specific procedure they contact a Personal Health Assistant to determine what is covered and where they can go.

Our Personal Health Assistants take care of all the details:

  • Basic services and procedures covered
  • Referrals to participating providers
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Medical records transfer
  • Travel and lodging assistance (if and when needed)
  • General inquiries

The Zero Card includes services such as surgeries, diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT), labs and a generic prescription mail-order benefit.

Any employer that currently has a self-funded medical plan is eligible to join The Zero Card network.

There is no impact at all to your current medical plan. The Zero Card is a “bolt on” benefit. Employers contract directly with The Zero Card and we contract directly with local healthcare providers to maximize your savings and provide your plan members with a great new benefit.

There should be no negative impact on your current stop loss agreement. We provide stop loss reporting and most stop loss carriers accept and recognize The Zero Card expenditures.

You can search for providers here on our website. We also encourage you to call us as we are always adding additional providers.

There are no set-up costs or PEPMs. You don’t pay anything unless you save. We charge a transaction fee only when a plan member actually uses their Zero Card, so if you don’t save you don’t pay.

You can contact us here.

You can also contact our sales team directly at sales@thezerocard.com.

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