Healthcare made simple, accessible and 100% transparent

We wanted a healthcare model that was easy to understand, simple to use and wouldn't bury the patient in a mountain of paperwork and bills. We built The Zero Card so we could finally have the healthcare system we wanted and deserved. We also eliminated everything that made it confusing, frustrating or just didn't make sense.

It may not be perfect, but we want your experience to be so we encourage you to contact any one of us if you have a problem, a question or just a great idea

James Millaway
Jim has an extensive background in employee benefits consulting, direct contracting and shared risk arrangements. He is also one of only four individuals in the U.S. certified in Advanced Critical Outcomes Reporting Analysis by Intel-GE in both wellness and disease management. In 2016 Forbes magazine named Jim “One of America’s Most Innovative Benefits Leaders”.
Stan Schwartz
Dr. Schwartz is an Internal Medicine physician with a subspecialty in Infectious Diseases. He has an extensive background in epidemiology, population health, medical homes, quality analytics and revenue cycle management. Stan previously served as Medical Director of the largest private clinic in the state of Oklahoma and has participated in several demonstration projects through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, currently serving on the Clinical Quality Committee for the nation’s most technologically advanced HIE, MyHealth.
Wim de Pril
Wim holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and an MBA from INSEAD, a top European business school. In the past, Wim grew the engineering team at FullContact (a big data company centered around contact management) from 5 to 30 members. Prior to joining the Zero Card, Wim also led a 50 member engineering team within Aetna after their acquisition of iTriage. Wim has over 18 years experience in Software Development, Data Analytics, and Product Leadership.