FAQ: Providers

The Zero Card gives you the opportunity to see employees and dependents of many self-funded companies that offer The Zero Card to their covered members. When you see a Zero Card covered member, you never have any deductible, copay or coinsurance to chase. The employer pays 100% of the agreed-upon price.

You can drop an ordinary claim to us as you would to an insurance carrier. We accept paper or EDI submissions. You can send us an invoice on paper or by secure email. Or you can send the bill on the back of a napkin (clean, of course!)–whatever is easiest for you.

When you work with The Zero Card, you have a dynamic, engaged team on your side. You will never be lost in a maze of telephone extensions and departments. You will never be asked to call a different number. We are available by telephone and email, one call is all you need.

We like email. If you have a message with Protected Health Information, we’ll give you a secure email connection. Just send us a simple message requesting a secure email reply to create a secure connection.

No worry there. We can help you with the process and give you helpful references.

Our patients all carry The Zero Card. We also check eligibility before sending you a referral.

No. You just bill The Zero Card. We pay 100% of the agreed-upon price for the procedure we arrange. It is important that you not bill the underlying plan for a service covered by The Zero Card.

The Zero Card has existing contracts for lab and imaging. Please contact us before doing drawing any labs in your office.

The Zero Card and all our providers use a super easy online referral platform. It is simple to use and is a great conduit for communication surrounding referrals. It’s also very economical because your employees will spend much less time on the telephone and we can show you how to use it in less than 10 minutes.

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