The Zero Card Endorsed By The Health Value Institute and The Validation Institute


The Zero Card Endorsed By The Health Value Institute and The Validation Institute

Emerging Digital Health leader achieves highest industry accreditation from leading healthcare analyst and assessment firm

Tulsa – July 25, 2018 – The Zero Card (, a healthcare marketplace delivering the best combination of cost, quality and convenience, today announced receipt of The Validation Institute’s Trusted Community validation accreditation.

Health Value Institute recently acquired The Validation Institute.  The Validation Institute began as a joint GE-Intel project to ensure trusted methodological certification. The Validation Institute – as part of the Health Value Institute – continues to provide validation, consulting, in-person and online training and certification of the HR, Benefit, and Wellness executives.   

The Validation Institute is made up of companies that have had outcome claims and/or contractual language validated by 3rd party, independent validators. The organization’s validators are population health and statistical experts.

“We are honored to receive this endorsement for The Zero Card methodology,” said James Millaway, Co-founder and CEO, The Zero Card.  “Our methodological approach provides a platform for us to synthesize and analyze data in an objective manner on behalf of health institutions and purchasers.  Furthermore, and importantly, the insights we derive from our process allow our clients to make efficient, impact-driven, patient-focused decisions for consumers.” 

Al Lewis, founder of and now the senior advisor to the Validation Institute, adds: “The clarity and transparency of this innovation shines through on their validation spreadsheet. You can see exactly what assumptions go into the savings estimates…and easily vary those assumptions if they don’t reflect your own population. You don’t have to be an expert in population health to see the value. It’s all laid out.”

What The Zero Card Offers
The Zero Card is a supplemental employee benefits program that revolves around three pillars:

An Entirely New Approach

  • Traditional networks have a huge variation in both cost and quality while narrow-networks limit member choice.
  • The Zero Card gives employers access to bundled case-rates that save 45% on average while simultaneously giving employees more choice.

Transparent Pricing

  • Healthcare prices have been disconnected from market forces and as a result costs just keep going up and up.
  • The Zero Card offers employers 100% transparent case-rates so they know exactly what you are paying and how much they can save.

A Brand New Benefit

  • Historically employers have had to shift the burden to plan members in an attempt to control rising costs.
  • When plan members use their Zero Card they save significantly and employees get access to the care they need for $0.

Adds Stan Schwartz, Chief Medical Officer, The Zero Card:  “The endorsement we have received from The Validation Institute  and Heath Value Institute sends a strong signal to employers, physicians and health institutions that The Zero Card works within and meets the highest level of industry accreditation.”

About The Zero Card
The Zero Card is a privately held company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded in 2014, the company has set out to develop the easiest way to lower employer health plan costs while simultaneously improving member benefits.  The company is built on three fundamental principles….cost, quality and convenience.

The Zero Card achieves its goals of lowering plan costs and improving benefits by creating a new marketplace for common procedures such as labs, diagnostic imaging and surgeries through direct contracting.  Our direct contracts lock in fair market prices that benefits all three parties in employer-based healthcare delivery system: the employee/covered member, the employer and the provider. It is a frictionless program that an employer installs as a supplemental plan to the underlying health plan. The Zero Card is a voluntary program so covered members can still access care through traditional employer programs but when a member uses The Zero Card, the employer saves money and the member receives necessary care for $0.

About the Health Value Institute
The Health Value Institute advocates for organizations and approaches that deliver better health value – stronger health outcomes at lower cost – than conventional health care, training and certifying health care professionals, providers and purchasers to create and identify superior results.  Our mission is to drive better health outcomes and teach organizations to expect and work with high performance providers to a minimum of 10% health care savings in year 1 and 40% savings by year 5.

About Validation Institute
The goal of the Validation Institute is to help organizations involved in population health — from Health Plans to Employers to Vendors — adhere to the highest standards of validity, allowing them to compete on the basis of integrity and performance. See The Validation Institute’s Trusted Community is made up of companies that have had outcome claims and/or contractual language validated by one of our 3rd party, independent validators.

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