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Access to the care you need for $0. Yes, zip, zilch, ZERO. We cover hundreds of procedures and services ranging from lab to imaging to surgery.


The Zero Card is a marketplace that makes it easy for providers to attract new patients, speed up payment and simplify administration.


The Zero Card is a supplemental employee benefit program that lets you dramatically lower plan costs while improving your employee benefits.

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This Is Health Care Redesigned For You

MEMBERS: Health care can be confusing and expensive - that’s why we are here! For hundreds of services like surgery, lab, imaging and even prescriptions we can get you the care you need, for absolutely ZERO cost to you.

EMPLOYERS: The Zero Card offers employers 100% transparent, bundled case-rates so you know exactly what you are paying and how much you can save.

PROVIDERS: We contract directly with local healthcare providers to maximize employer savings and provide their plan members with a great new benefit. You get a steady stream of new patients and always get paid 100%.

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