Streamline your patient process - from start to finish

We built The Zero Card so providers could focus on delivering care instead of all the red tape commonly associated with commercially insured patients. There is never anything to collect from the patient, no such thing as pre-cert or prior authorization and we make sure you always get paid 100%.

Self-Funded employers contract directly with The Zero Card and we contract directly with local healthcare providers to maximize employer savings and provide their plan members with a great new benefit. You get a steady stream of new patients and the employer pays 100% of the agreed-upon price.

All of our provider contracts are based on bundled case rates. If you don’t have experience with bundled case rates don’t worry, we can help you out. We built our own analytics platform that can help you price just about anything and we can walk you through the entire process.

Feel free to message us here to learn more or give us a shout at 855-816-0001.